Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mark this Day! (or maybe yesterday)...

I am pretty sure I received a Spam message in my comments. I feel so "in" now. It was impressively on-target, given that yesterday was Tuesday Tough Grrrllll and the spam was about ab workouts.

If you wrote the message and it wasn't spam, I humbly apologize. If you wrote the message and it WAS spam, well, THANK YOU for making me feel like a real Playah in the Blog World.

Who knows? Maybe soon there will be links to Rapid Weight Loss Through Channel Surfing and Better Parenting Through Mime sites! Fingers crossed....!

Finally, those of you following my sister Heidi's sage (from Marvy Mom Monday this week), you'll be glad to know that she went 24 hours straight without a trip to a medical office. It seems that Jonny, who was suffering from pain in his belly and privates, may have been constipated after all. Phew!

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