Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Supposes my Roses are Toes-es

My friend Kathleen offered to give me rose bushes from her yard. They are the same as the beauties I discovered on our camping trip. DELICIOUS smelling and guaranteed to be maintenance-free. They were getting out of control in her yard so I was doing her a big favor, so she said.

Digging them up was tough but I managed it with only a few dozen holes in my skin from the thorns. I managed to take a series of photos of my planting.... (I hear bananas are good for roses...)

They went in around July 1st. Kathleen told me you *can't* kill these things. Just give them plenty of water when you're starting out. I must be pretty spectacular... cuz they don't seem to be making it. I finally cut the big one WAY back the other day. Now my fingers are crossed that they'll revive next year. For now, they make a decent border between our yard the trail our neighbor uses to get to his property - on which he dumps brush.

Poor roses. LIVE LIVE LIVE!

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