Friday, July 22, 2011

Five Things Friday: Anniversary Edition

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary! It's hard to believe it's been that long, but not for lack of life events, let me tell ya. In honor of my husband, The Anniversary Edition of Five Things Friday. Here are some fun (okay, to me they're fun!) facts about my wedding/marriage.

(Preamble... Our wedding was JUST before the digital camera craze. Which means almost all of our pictures are hard copies. Further, my scanner is kaput. So... there are no photos of Scott & I at our wedding in this post. I'm a dork.... But you'll live, I suppose.)

1. Overall, our wedding was an 11.
I know. All weddings are awesome. I rarely have anything less than a fantastic time at a wedding. But, I can honestly say that the best wedding I've ever been to is my own! Scott was not the typical groom: he was completely interested and involved in the planning (sometimes to my chagrin since it meant compromise!). This made the entire event that much better since he put his heart and soul into it as well. We had a gorgeous day (not too hot or humid), an AMAZING band, and about 180 family and friends who were ready to have a great time. So, weddings are awesome. But our wedding was the awesome-est.

2. Our first dance was "If I Had $1,000,000". On our first or second date Scott played that song for me for the first time and I fell in love with it. With the band. And, inevitably, with him. When we were seeking out a band - we REALLY wanted a band - our friend, Cindy (Saralyn's mom... from the recent wedding...) recommended these guys called "Friends". (This was at the height of the show Friends, but they SWORE they had their name long before Rachel & Monica & Phoebe & Ross & Joey & Chandler...) About a year before the wedding we walked into the bar where they were playing and the first song they played was "If I Had $1,000,000". So, we hired that amazing band and asked them to play "If I Had $1,000,000" for our first dance. That was a first for them.... but it was perfect for us. People still talk about what a fantastic band they were... And as I recall, the band talked quite a bit about what a fantastic crowd of wedding goers we were!

3. We had sweet music for the ceremony, too. We have some seriously talented musicians and singers in our lives. My sister Heather, Saralyn, our friend Jen, and my cousin Polly (xoxo and RIP) sang "The Water is Wide". This was a version that Sarah McLachlan, the Indigo Girls and Jewel sang at Lilith Fair. It was beautiful. We were on Stevie Wonder kick in those days and our college friend Jason sang "Overjoyed". My mom's best friend, (who is also Saralyn's grandmother and Cindy's mother....) Winnie accompanied all of them.

4. We gave a quiz. On the back of the bulletin that gave the rundown of the wedding, we wrote a funny (we thought) quiz for our guests to enjoy while they waited for the show... errrr, wedding... to start. I just reread the questions and there was one I didn't remember the answer to: How long did Scott have the ring before he asked Phoebe to marry him? Six weeks. (SIX WEEKS!! If you knew the anxiety I was feeling - since we were moving across the country together very soon and I had told him I wouldn't go with someone who wasn't going to be my husband at some point in the future - you would understand how important this fact was!)

5. I was lucky to find him and lucky to keep him. I love my husband. He loves me. We're a good team.

And now for some (somewhat lame) photos of the early years + one more recent...

Scott & some friends the night before our wedding.... Good clean fun.

We're both theater geeks but this is the only time we were ever on stage together. "Once Upon a Mattress" circa Spring 1997, Walpole, MA.

Toward the end of the wedding, one tradition in my family is to sing "The Chicken Song" to the bride and groom. I was a happy but pooped bride.

Here we are last year celebrating 10 years together. A bottle of champagne on the beach in Cape Cod. Aaahhhhh....

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