Monday, June 6, 2011

The (Good Kind of) Wall

To most runners, The Wall is a terrible thing. But, I have another Wall that I actually like. As my racing life expanded, I wanted a place to display my medals and racing bibs and other doo-dads I have collected. I faced a couple of dilemmas in figuring out how to do this:

  1. I am a "do it now or it never gets done" kind of person.
  2. I am a "it better be basically free or it will never get done" kind of person.
  3. I am a "it better be dummy proof or it will never get done" kind of person.
My solution is not gorgeous, but it meets the other three criteria. I found a (practically stain-free!) flat sheet, a blank piece of the wall in my bedroom, a hammer and three nails... and viola!

When you get finished with a race, you already have the safety pins, so you don't even need to track those down!
I write down my stats for the race on each bib. The medal, if there is one, gets hung with the bib.

Here's "the one that got away". Thankfully, I had a local qualifier willing to pick up my shirt and bib so I got the goodies, if not the race!

This apron hangs in the middle. Scott & the boys made it for me for Christmas '09. In case it's hard to read, it says "My Mom might bake you some cookies... after she runs her marathon!" Love it!

Some of my Polly paraphernalia... the most important things I wear on race day.

My original "Fight Like a Girl" boxing gloves in honor of Polly. These I have worn for every race since October '09.

For my most recent half-marathon, I made this crossword puzzle with Polly at the center and many names (sadly, not all) of those I know who are battling various forms of cancer right now. It got fairly destroyed from all the water I dumped over my head, but it will hang in all its glory.

This doesn't hang on my wall.... but it's a cowbell they gave out in the swag bags at Boston and I think it's just fun. Fun is good.

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