Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The BEST kind of injury

We all know what the worst kind of injury is: one that hurts like crazy and precludes you from running (or whatever your activity of choice) but simultaneously shows NO outward sign of itself. No swelling. No redness. No bruising. No nuthin'. They get you tacit sympathy/empathy from the average on looker because, seriously, "it can't be THAT bad!" These invisible endorphin killers are The Worst.

Conversely, of course, The Best kind of injuries are those that you can't even feel but simultaneously illicit sympathy/empathy because they manifest themselves with impressive visual effects.

Now, my post-half marathon toes are not THAT impressive visually, but my kids are memorized by them and very concerned. And, blessedly, they (the toes) don't hurt a wit. (My kids hurt a little...) I'll happily take that Red (or Purple-ish/Black-ish) Badge of Courage and the sympathy from my kids.

Here they are:

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