Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I have been without dark chocolate chips in the house since Saturday. It's KILLING me. Mind you, I have not been without chocolate. I had a glass of chocolate milk yesterday. And there's still a bunch of mini candy bars left over from the Candor trip in April..... So I've been destroying those.

And yet, I feel so out of sorts without these dark chocolate chips. I eat them every morning in my oatmeal. I eat them throughout the day when I need to do something other than bang my head against the wall or scream at small children. I eat them with sun butter. I eat them in cold cereal. I eat them in every way imaginable. They are - at times - my best friend.

I am constantly hungry. I am constantly cranky. I am constantly trying to think of what will fill the void.

My normal diet of 9.000 lbs of chocolate chips a week does not seem to have a negative effect on my physical fitness/well being. I weigh about a buck twenty pretty consistently. In the last 3 days without chocolate chips I've actually GAINED weight, probably due to searching for a substitute for my dear, precious, dark chocolate chips.

So, you say, why would I deny myself? And I'll tell you: Love.

Scott can't stay away from them either. He's been in the habit of eating them every night with peanut butter. His life-of-service does not allow him to selfishly get up at scary o'clock to workout. Therefore, when HE eats the chocolate chips, they really add up. And so, last Friday night as we were discussing the shopping list, he said "How 'bout NOT getting more chocolate chips."

I thought it was kidding.

He wasn't.

And so, for My Love.... I suffer.

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  1. Maybe you could buy them and hide them? No...that would be wrong! You crack me up, Phoebe! :)

    (P.S. We loved Elliott's note to Kaetlyn...THANK YOU! :))