Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Well, I never...!"

Do you know people who are constantly looking for ways in which they have been slighted? Offended? Had their feelings/values/well being damaged?

I don't know if I'm completely clueless, insensitive, callous, cold... and therefore constantly missing the horrible way in which I am being treated. Or maybe I just have a really bad memory. But I honestly don't see it.

It occurs to me that I'm probably a perpetrator of these offenses far more frequently than I could ever imagine. Let's face it: I talk a lot. I think I'm HILARIOUS. And I have opinions. Sometimes I work up the energy to be worried about these Eternally Offended Types and my affect on them... Then I spend 5 or 10 minutes listening to them relay the injustices they have suffered and I get over it real quick.

Always looking to be offended? You get what you look for.

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