Friday, February 18, 2011

Six in a row

Probably for the first time in my life since high school track, as of today I ran 6 days in a row. I'm not burning up the roads with speed or impressing anyone with my mileage, but I have to say it feels GOOD to know that I've survived the 5AM alarm and gone out there and done it.

Tomorrow might be the most challenging day to squeeze in a run since I'll be out very late tonight seeing a show with a friend (YAY!) and then focusing my efforts on packing once I force my eyeballs open in the morning.... But I am determined to keep the streak going. At least 30 minutes. I can do that!

Two more days till running in Florida sunshine. Forecast looks amazing... maybe even too warm for my icy veins, but I'll be up at 6 or so to get it done and I suppose it won't be too warm then.

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