Monday, January 24, 2011

The Wonders in My Head

Last night Tommy saw a clip on America's Funniest Home Videos that intrigued him. He said, "Mom, I have a wonder in my head.... How did that dog even get that flower?" I was blown away. I had never heard anyone say that phrase before. I thought it was totally beautiful and kind of poetic. And it got me thinking about all the amazing wonders that I know Tommy has, and the millions more that he doesn't share with us. We all have them. So, I scribbled in my notebook in the dark. When I read it to myself it has a bouncy kid's song beat. I hope it gets you thinking about your own Wonders and maybe share them here.

It was Sunday night, dark & cold as can be
We were doing Star Wars puzzles and watching AFV
Tommy “aww'd” and gave a chuckle and finally he said,
“Hey, Mom I have a Wonder in my head.”

A Wonder in his head.
A Wonder in his head.
So much goes on it's no surprise
A Wonder in his head.

How did that in-love dog even get those flowers?
And why when I am waiting does 2 minutes take an hour?
And you know I'm not a Jedi or a Super hero, Dad,
So why do you expect me to be kind when I am mad?

Such wonderings from little boys will make moms ponder, right?
So I read his brother Fox & Hound and kissed them both goodnight.
I checked my email, Facebook, blogs and climbed into my bed,
And then I started thinking of the Wonders in MY head.

The Wonders in my head.
The Wonders in my head.
So much goes on it's no surprise,
The Wonders in my head.

How come every oil bill still takes my breath away?
And when they're ready to leave home, will I wish they'd stay?
If everyone did what I did, how would this world be worse?
And would I find my cell phone if I finally found my purse?

The Wonders in my head.
The Wonders in his head.
The Big, the Small they all live there,
The Wonders in our head.

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