Monday, January 10, 2011

Tommy's Newspaper

Tommy wrote a newspaper. Okay... that might be a strong word for it. But he called it that. He was inspired by the PBS show "Martha Speaks". He wanted me to "put it on Facebook". Sadly, my computer that is hooked up to the scanner bit the dust when the power went out over Christmas vacation. So... I can't show you his hard work. But... I will write the text (as he wrote it). As you will see, this was a very hard hitting journal that really got to the heart of society's ills. Ahem.

By Tommy (Picture of a the upper half of a happy person inside a circle... presumably Tommy).

Ther will be a Lego strr oped on Fiday in Masitchooses. (A simple pencil drawing is underneath this story).

On Satrday a moovee fedre Will be Oped. (movie "feater" picture underneath).

The Toy Store Will be Oped on Sanday. (Even simpler pic of toy store... he was getting tired!)

At 1:00 Chucee Chees Will be Oped (Drawing of a very happy kid's face inside a building).

I bleve Fun Spot Will be Opene at 2:00 (Simple Fun Spot picture).

(Two blank pages follow... then, on the back cover...) Thank you. Do Not Rip Noos Paprese (Followed by a newspaper inside circle with line through it).

I have to say, as a former teacher of small people, I am impressed with the variety of his sentence structure. Obviously he's not John Irving or Margret Atwood, but I'm thinking when he starts writing "real" pieces for school at least his teacher won't want to put a gun to her head because all his sentences start the same way. (The gun will go to her head for a million OTHER reasons... but at least his writing won't bore her to suicide!)

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  1. Oh how I wish we could see the drawings....FANTASTIC rendition, by the way, Phoebe...made my day :) xo