Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ouch report

In the first 6 days of 2011 I've run about 25 miles. That's right on track for my goal of 1,200 for the year and for my marathon training. Tomorrow is a rest day (I'll do some yoga during nap time since I'm skipping it today in order to blog!) This morning was a tough one to get out the door. Usually it's the simple act of getting out of bed that takes all my mental energy. Today that was very hard but even after getting layer after layer on and getting out the door, I just wasn't into it. I was ready to turn about and call it quits after 5 minutes when my iPod saved the day. A song sent to me by a friend over a year ago has these lyrics: "There's a light at the end of this tunnel for you..." I thought about Polly (she would have been 40 today) and her fight and thought about the song and what might or might not be waiting for me as my life unfolds and... yeah, I kept running.

Whew! This wasn't going to be a thoughtful post at all... Just a chance for me to whine about some sore spots... but that came out. Funny, my brain!

Back to frivolity. This is really my first winter truly running. Last year I did the elliptical on weekdays and just ran during daylight on weekends. That kept me in pretty good shape but since Scott is using the machine most weekday mornings (and since I really prefer Varsity running) I am earning a Winter Scary O'Clock Runner badge this year. Now if I just had a chest to pin it on.

I have a couple of tender spots I need to figure out before the marathon training ramps up much more. I don't think either one is serious but I do worry about what my options for alternate cardio will be if I get the running red light from a medical professional.

My first problem is with my right foot. Sort of at the arch but not really. I don't know. It hurts. Not when I run, really. And not all the time. Just hurts. Needs ice, I'm sure. And new shoes, no doubt. This one I could suck up for awhile, but...

I also have this left shoulder/collar bone thing going on. I fell HARD "snow boarding" on the kids' sled at my mom's house. I felt a nice snap in some location on my body. It's not broken or I wouldn't be able to raise my hands above my head. But... it's hard to take shirts off and IMPOSSIBLE to take sports bras off. Thank goodness Scott is around to assist. Iced it today as I was making lunch. That, I am thinking, was too little, too late.

So, next Wednesday I go to the chiropractor. I haven't been since I was pregnant with Tom. I am really looking forward to getting everything aligned. I don't know what she'll say about my running.... She's a friend of a friend and I understand that she likes to help people get where they are going. That makes me hopeful.

On the 20th I have my MASSAGE scheduled. I wonder if they've ever had anyone request an entire hour on their shoulders and neck? That's my plan!

Rock on to any runners who are still braving this season. And to Megan R., if you reading, getcher hiney moving, sister! Wii Fit tomorrow!!

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