Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I can't be too loud about this. I really hate to complain. So maybe I'm not complaining. Maybe I'm just pointing out. Maybe I'm reflecting. But here goes.

So, say there's a Person (perhaps, oh, I don't know, my husband?) who feels strongly that Another Person (for instance, Tommy) ought to be involved in a Thing (possibly... Scouts?) That Person tells a Third Person (like, maybe... me) that he will be in charge of the Thing. Third Person says, okay, that's great, I don't have the energy to be in charge of getting Another Person to yet another Thing. Super.

Except... Person does not do well with Details (for instance, when and where meetings are and what the responsibilities of Another Person are). So, Another Person has missed a meeting, missed out on badges, missed out on rocket building... and it's only been 3 weeks. All because Person DOES NOT PAY ATTENTION.

And we wonder if Another Person suffers from ADHD. Well, duh.

Remember. I'm not complaining. I'm merely, uh, reflecting.

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  1. Oh, how I DO love reflecting.

    From what I gather throughout your 'pointing out' is that your hubby is DEFINITELY on to something: his own ADHD?

    Great minds. (Well, in my mind ADHD minds are great minds and MINE HATES calendars--but I LIST. I list like there's no tomorrow! "What do I HAVE to get done today + an item or two I could if I were good."

    But, I'm determined to find systems that don't let me slack. Big dude's gotta get on HIS game so he don't let little dude (at least until it becomes a habit) down.

    My 'reflection' would be to try everything. I'm IN LOVE with my big 3x5 bulletin board calendar that I put the year calendar on. I can pin tickets and reminders right to the day and see well in advance. I used junk paper but you could definitely be creative. It could be FAMILY ART! It doesn't have to look as (um, gay) as it sounds. Heck, when it comes down to it--it's setting up the young padowans up with tools they can see Mom and Dad using too. Routines are king with these two ADHD queens out here!

    I want to be a Scout!!!!! Hugs all around.