Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blog Power

My last post was yet another lament about how to help Tommy survive and thrive in this complicated world. I was feeling helpless and, if not hopeless, certainly not hopeful. I posted the Blog and clicked over to my email....

There sat a message from the Sp Ed teacher at his school! She had been talking to the Guidance Counselor and principal about strategies to help Tom. What incredible timing! There were no solutions, of course, but it was someone (other than ME!) working toward helping the T.

Then, I was out running Saturday morning and thinking about Tom and lots of struggles in this world and when I got home I found out... His teacher had called. She told Scott she had been thinking about us a lot and was just letting us know that she "gets" how hard we are working on our end to help him succeed. More importantly, she also concurred that taking away soccer and jump rope and whatnot are probably not an effective consequence for Tommy. I don't know what their whole talk was about but I do know that they talked about how hard this is on me (Cry Baby that I am!) because of my association with the school. I do take his behavior personally since he's "doing" this stuff to my former colleagues and friends.

Anyway.... the Power of the Blog is mighty. I am definitely feeling better knowing that the teachers and admins at his school are committed to helping Tommy.... and know that we are too!

Oh yeah.... we are going ahead with an ADHD eval. What the heck?

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  1. Looks like you hit the nail on the head and nailed your own anxiety to the wall. I have all of the above and below. Get the eval Every little bit of info helps to put the pieces together.

    Years of therapy (with the kids, but let's be real about who it was really for) and classes taught be to realize that I needed to "make" a toolbox for my kids with strategies and skills that will help them succeed. They are all coming from different places so no toolbox looks alike.

    Don't beat yourself up.

    Mantra: One day at a time!!!