Monday, September 20, 2010

Re-energizing my running through...

Retail therapy:

Bought a running skirt. (Went to Runner's Alley in Manchester. Spent too much... but I really wanted the $70 one, so I figured $36 was not bad!)

Bought a new sports bra. At WalMart. $10. I feel like I made up for the running skirt!

Bought a car magnet that says "26.2". Been wanting one of these for over a year! Finally spent the 4 bucks to have one!

Bought a Amphipod flashing "don't hit me with your vehicle" light for my leg. Shoulda got one of these over a year ago, too!
Received a new running mix CD from my friend. Lots of songs about "fire"... THANKS, MEGAN!

That's kind of a big investment to get the Fire in My Belly back... but I think it worked.

ALSO... saw all the runners on the Reach The Beach relay early Saturday morning as I was driving to a meeting in Manchester. Made me get excited and envious. I think I need a relay. Too long as the lone runner.

Ten miles yesterday morning was fast-ish. Predicting a 4:04 finish.

I can do this. And more importantly, I WANT to do this.

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