Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Still totally JV...

Home again with Elliott last night. Nice to be getting to sleep until 7AM or so, but not nice to be itching for that super long run. We did the Cotton Valley Trail today, just under 6 miles. Blood sugar went wacky about 1/2 way so I had to steal some of E's faux-mini wheats to keep from shaking myself into fainting. What's up with that?

(A small piece of this fantastic rail-to-trail run. I do lots a marathon training here because it is shady, flat and there's a bathroom as long as you're there after 6AM)

New plan: Wednesday night we have a brush up rehearsal. The boys will both HAVE to sleep at camp. I'll sleep at home and get up at scary o'clock on Thursday for my 18-miler. Scott's day off starts around 9AM on Thursday so he'll be around in case my long runs requires a long rest in the afternoon.

Tomorrow? Maybe yoga.

Friday? Track workout/strength training with Megan.

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