Monday, August 2, 2010

18 not to be....

I had The Plan in place. I was determined to get in a good, long run this morning. Brought the boys up to camp yesterday afternoon with all the stuff I would need for overnight and for the run. Shoes, shorts, shirt, sports bra, socks, iPod, Gu gummies, sports drink.... I went to bed early (9:00) so the 4:35AM alarm would seem less obnoxious. Since my Garmin watch has been sent back to the company to be replaced (torn wrist band) I even went on to get an 18 mile route planned out. I was going to be striding down the pavement at 5AM and back before 8AM... in time for breakfast at camp.

Cut to 4AM... We hear Elliott coughing in the next room. Not unusual. He's a cougher. But it continues. And continues. And we hear him talking to Tommy. Scott goes in and gives him water. But it continues and continues. Elliott had 4 booster shots last Thursday so I am looking at the clock, thinking of my running gear sitting ready for me in the corner, and certain that this coughing is not going anywhere.

I bring him into bed with me and prop him so he's sort of sitting up. This helps me when I have a nighttime cough but it doesn't help him. He tells me he has a sore throat. It's 4:45AM.

I get his shoes and my things and we head home. I give him a teaspoon of Tylenol and we both head to my bed. (He's ready to "party"... wants breakfast and to watch PBS Kids... I say, uh, no.) Thankfully he goes to sleep fairly quickly and so do I.

At around 9:15 we head out the door for my compromise run with the jogger: Sewall Road. This is a short but killer loop. It's no 18-miler but, better than nothing.

(One of the dozens of fancy-pants houses on Sewall Road... you can't see it from the road, but it's nice to know it's there!)

One of these days... ONE of these days... I'm going to get in a Varsity distance run.

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