Thursday, July 22, 2010

Climbing Mount Major

Yesterday we met Kathleen Hill and her daughter Jeanne at the trail head of Mount Major in Alton, NH. Jeanne brought a friend, Molly, who I do believe I would like to adopt. Very funny, very thoughtful girl.

We left on the excursion at about 3:00. It had been years since I had been up Mt. Major but I remembered it be short, if a little rocky. Ha! It was short.... ish. And it was more than a little rocky!! Tommy was a total trooper and both the girls were very kind to him - letting him walk with them and encouraging him when he got tired. Elliott pretty much stayed in the back pack the whole time.

By the time we got through the somewhat treacherous middle to the precarious (but completely breathtaking) top , thunder was rumbling and lightning was flashing. We enjoyed some blueberries along the way but did not hang out at the top. We decided we would have to take the longer but less rocky way down - about 2.5 miles. I had a flash of low blood sugar (shaky/weak legs, short of breath, more-than-usual sweatiness) for a few minutes and was very glad I brought the Gu gummies. They total saved the day.

Tommy finally got too tired on the way down and I carried him awhile. Jeanne had Elliott in the backpack. Then I realized I could put Tom in the backpack and carry Elliott in front (I feel responsible for toting these guys if anyone's going to have to do it!) This only lasted 1/2 a mile or so. Then Tommy got uncomfortable and wanted to walk the rest of the way. Phew!

When we got to the bottom again (about 6:15) I knew I was going to be completely late for my rehearsal and there was no way the boys would make it to camp in time for dinner. So, McDonald's drive thru it was. Not my proudest moment!

To add to the excitement, a humongous thunderstorm w/ tornado warnings was all the talk on the radio and I had to drive right into it to get where we were going.

I could go on and on about the trees down in the road and power out at my house and the extreme measures I had to take to get to rehearsal.... but there's too too tooooo much to do! I promised myself I was just going to post the pictures and be quiet. Ooops.

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