Sunday, July 25, 2010

Accidental race video...

Well, some of it was on purpose. But none of it is too well constructed.

#1 This was supposed to be a snap shot taken by one of the race organizers in order to capture the Run Like a Mother spirit we were feeling. 'Course, I forgot to take it off video.

#2 Don't call her a bully, but Megan's competition weighed about 8 pounds. Maybe 6.

We are listening to a lot of Phineas and Ferb lately.... And surprise, surprise! Look who actually filmed his little brother upon request/whine!?

The start! It's kinda hard to run AND push 2 kids in a jog stroller AND video tape. Who knew?

After a running up an incredibly tough hill, Megan takes a break and picks it up again at mile 5.

Eric, Megan's husband, video taped the finish. I'll see if I can snag that and add it to this post later. She did GREAT and was only 2 minutes from her goal time. Given the unexpectedly GIGANTIC nature of the hills on this course, that's what we call "a win"!

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  1. I love the thick New England accent of the race starter.....