Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some people feel like this all the time.

I have to remind myself. It's temporary. I won't feel like this forever. I know WHY I feel this way. I just have to wait. But I miss my endorphins. So very very much.

It's been a week since my last work out. A week and a day since I ran 5 miles. A week and half since I ran 10 miles.... And worst of all I had to skip my 20 mile run this weekend - the final 'test' before the marathon on June 19. I despise just about everything I look at right now. I am mean and nasty and I probably need to get put in a cage until I can run again. And when will that be?

Good question. It's a been a week since I started to feel sick. It's been 6 days since the fever got going. I spent most of Memorial Day weekend in bed. The worst of my fever broke Saturday when I stopped taking meds and just "sweat it out." But.... the exhaustion persisted and on Monday morning my head and throat hurt so much I sucked up the $50 copay and went to the ER. "Viral" (read: waste of 50 bucks). Not what I wanted to hear.

I feel a lot better now. I even "ran" yesterday morning. It was a very slow 2 miles but I just wanted to make sure I was okay to get started with real training again. Nope. Last night my fever came back. It wasn't high, but I started to feel feverish when I was at 97 degrees. (I always run cold). I kept feeling worse and worse so I kept checking the temp. Got up to 99.7 before I went to sleep. Woke up with a normal temp.... And feel okay, except that I want to kill someone. That's normal, right?

The pattern (feel okay during the day, low grade fever at night) is now starting to mimic what happened when I had post-surgery infections. I am going to get blood drawn tomorrow afternoon to see if I have some infection hiding inside me. I wonder if it would be untoward of me to ask the Doc for anti-depressants when I'm there. I think Scott has taken about all he can.

Oil in the Gulf? That's a problem.
Floods in Nashville? That's a problem.
Israeli soldiers invading aid ships to Palestine? That's a problem.
Phoebe unable to get her running fix? That should not be a problem.

And yet... here I am.

UPDATE: A fun bonus... today the fever came back at 1:00PM instead of 7:30PM. I took Tylenol in the morning so my guess is that if I hadn't, it would have crept up sooner. Wallow, wallow, wallow.....


  1. Phoebe - I am glad you are here. You'll get your groove back; it is definitely hard to do when you are sick, though.... I hate funks like that, and I am so sorry you have been so sick! It must be so frustrating.

    You are going to rock the marathon. You are badass, for sure.
    Take care, and get better.

  2. "...okay, except that I want to kill someone. That's normal, right?"

    Yes...for a runner who can't run...absolutely! I was told I can't run for 6-8 WEEKS. For crying out loud, why not just shoot me??

    It's been 4 days. I hope you're doing better.