Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer theater

I wrote this article for the Village Players semi-monthly newsletter. Even makes ME wanna go see the show. Which is good. Since I'm, like, in it.

Unnecessary Farce is a necessary laugh this summer!

JULY 30, 31 AND AUGUST 6, 7 at 8PM

It wouldn't be summer in Wolfeboro without a great production on our Glendon Street stage. This year the Village Players bring you a fast-paced comedy with hilarity behind every door... and in this show there are EIGHT of them! Here's the scoop:

You're a cop. You love being a cop. You dream of bringing justice and peace to your community. Procedure is your middle name. You have the passion. You have the desire. You have the donuts. Trouble is, you're absolutely horrible at your job. You can't carry a gun because, well, you had trouble with that at the Academy. Your self-defense skills usually land you flat on the floor. And handcuffs? Well, handcuffs make self-defense and guns look easy.

Welcome to the world of Billie Dwyer (Helen Rautenberg). She and her almost-but-not-quite-equally-inept partner, Eric Sheridan (Bob Rautenberg) have been tasked with a sting operation that could make their careers. In a shady motel room, The Chief has ordered them to set up surveillance of a meeting between Mayor Meekly (James Cross) and the city's new accountant, Karen Brown (Meggin Dail). Bribery or money laundering or some such shenanigans are sure to be discovered! With some luck, Eric will be off of desk duty and Billie can graduate from being a glorified meter maid.

As they often do for Billie, things get very complicated very quickly. Unbeknownst to her, Eric and Karen have discovered chemistry between them that is far from professional and extremely distracting under these circumstances. Then, the mayor's easily frightened head of security, Agent Frank (Gordon Brooks), becomes suspicious of this unannounced meeting away from City Hall and arrives to inspect the motel room for bugs, weapons, or trouble of any sort. Somehow Big Mac, the dreaded mafia boss, gets wind of the situation and sends the notorious Scottish hit man, Todd (Randy Lawrence-Hurt), to the motel to "quiet" whichever lad or lassie is disrupting the mob's work. The problem is, his accent is so thick no one can understand what-the-Brigadoon he is saying! To make matters worse, Mary Meekly (Phoebe VanScoy-Giessler) becomes so concerned about her husband's well being that she comes to the motel to check on him... just one more civilian Billie and Eric need to protect during this time of crisis.

In addition to this sure-to-make-you-laugh cast, directors/producers Jay Sydow and Russ Ellis have put together a great crew. We are thrilled to welcome Pete Ellis and Nettie Fiorini in their first VP show! Pete will be the assistant director and Nettie will be heading up make up. Set design and construction will be led by Athena Ellis with construction assistance from Dan Charlton, James Cross, Richard Croteau, Jay Sydow and Russ Ellis. Travis Lawrence-Hurt will be on lights with Theresa Crowell as prop master. Josh Spaulding is publicity chair and House Manager will be Willie Mork. Tickets, posters and programs will be coordinated by Carol Bense. Feeling left out? There are still opportunities for willing volunteers to get involved in the fun! Contact Jay or Russ with your ideas.

Tickets ($15) are available on or at Black's Paper &
Gifts. Don't miss a great night of laughter, suspense and drama… Oh, okay, just laughter. But don’t miss it!


  1. Man! Why don't I live in New Hampshire!? That play sounds wonderful! I wish I could go see it - I mean, if I couldn't be in it!

    Take care, Phoebe. What a great write-up, for what will likely be a great play!


  2. Thanks, Hope! It's a very funny show. And I get to play a 70 year old woman. For real. A good stretch for me, I guess.