Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lego Club

We don't live close enough to a real Lego Store to take part in their monthly "meetings" so we had one at our house today. The most important part of which, to Tom, was the interview/being on camera experience.

Most the building was done outside in the tent, so as not to waste this gorgeous day.

We take the party inside to show off our creations.

Tom & Dad do battle... though Mom is the only near-casualty.

A laid back Sunday... Lord knows there must be 100 things I forgot to do, but this was way more fun!


  1. Can you remember when you were concerned about Tommy's language skills? what a delightful family day.

  2. Tommy is going to be after Ira Glass for his job soon - you better start compiling his resume! It looks like such a fun day!