Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where's the running update you say?

For some reason the very fancy website that let's me down load all my stats is not letting me upload the results to my Blog lately. That's okay. I'm probably the only one interested in the nitty gritty anyway. Though, those postings did allow me to share the brain droppings that occurred to me out on the road. Today's is:

The difference between a long run and a really long run: On a long run, you bring water. On a really long run, you bring water and a snack.

I can't believe that I'm the kind of person who runs far and long enough that I need to eat. Weird. But if the occasion arises and you need a snack while you're running, I recommend mixed nuts and dark chocolate chips. Num num. (But not too many).

It was a very windy 15 miles this morning. I am looking forward to a step back week next Saturday (only have to do 11) but mid-week I am up to doing 8 miles on Wednesday mornings. Ouch.

Still managing to pound out miles quicker than 9:00 pace even with walking/water breaks. I'm not willing yet to name my goals for the marathon. For the 1/2, though, well.... Maybe next week I'll come up with a number.

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  1. I can't believe how fast you run (still!) It makes me miss it when I read your blog. Although still getting up for nighttime feedings makes doing something like running during the day completely unappealing. I remember when I was marathon training and got to a point where I had to eat during a run, the only thing I could choke down was goo...I became quite a connoisseur of tastes and brands, I also really enjoyed eating gummy bears!(they were handing them out at the race!) anyway happy running!