Monday, April 19, 2010

Note to S from T's teacher

(This happened Friday... the day of his humongous, caught on video meltdown.... Oh, what to do with this big huge Question Mark of a kid!?)

Hi! Just in case you and Phoebe didn't hear...

Yesterday at the assembly with Joseph from Zimbabwe, Tommy stole the show! The "elephant in the room" in this gathering of lily white little people was that Joseph, very handsome and well spoken, was obviously more black than anyone they had ever met before. Joseph spoke for a few minutes about how excited the school children in Zimbabwe were to get out packages of school supplies, then he took questions. Tommy had his hand up forever and very patiently waited to be recognized. When Joseph finally called upon him, Tommy said, (with obvious admiration and in a booming voice with great conviction) " You look just like Martin Lufer King!" I worried a little because the crowd laughed and Tommy certainly did not mean this to be funny, but he took their laughter in stride. Cathy later told me that Joseph considered this to be the ultimate compliment. Go Tommy! -Marilyn

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