Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 5 of TV/FB turn off week

Well, it's Wednesday morning. We are already on Day 5 of Turn of the TV and Phoebe Get Your Face Away From Facebook Week. It's been, actually, pretty great. The boys have asked every morning if the Turn Off week is over (Elliott REALLY misses Curious George on PBS Kids) but when they find out it's not... they are fine with it.

I don't know if I'm looking for things, but I THINK Tommy is actually a little more "chill" this week. Who can tell with him if it's related to the TV being off or not, but it's certainly a nice change. He almost had a freak out this morning because he was explaining (not very clearly) a Lego game he made up last night and Kyle got up and walked away. The rest of us were still trying to listen but he was very upset with Kyle. I don't blame him. When I told him he didn't need to let Kyle join in the middle of the game (after Kyle decided he was actually interested in playing) I think he felt vindicated. Kyle, by the way, had gone upstairs to make his OWN Lego game. So, obviously Tommy is not the only one who feels like he's being outdone at times. Tommy was great later, though, when he saw the game board Kyle made it he said "Wow, Kyle, that's a really tough game you made!" It was a compliment and taken that way. Phew!

We've kept busy and I'll post photos to FB on Saturday to show it (my pictures posts here are horrid b/c I don't get how to format them well.) The boys and I (okay, mostly I) am making a life-size R2D2 for the big birthday party on Sunday. I am little embarrassed to admit how pleased I am with myself! Who knew paper mache could be so fun?? We've also spent a LOT of time in the garden (or the lame-o attempt at a garden) digging up worms to put in the compost bin. This amuses all of us really well. I've found some previously undiscovered Dr. Seuss books on CD at the library which gives the boys lots to listen and laugh at. Otherwise we are Lego- and Light Saber-centric.

I am REALLY curious to see what all is happening on Facebook but I have not even come close to peeking. I still find that during my run I am forming sentences in my head in a status update format... but I think that's just to distract myself.

Speaking of running, the 4:15 alarm didn't go off today but I woke up at 4:33 anyway and cranked out my 8 miles. I felt super fast and was sure I crushed last week's time. Nope. Slower by 2-minutes. Oh well. Feels good to feel good, anyway.

Now to paint R2's silver dome while the fellas nap....

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