Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh, my heart!

What's the deal with my heart rate? All this new technology is super fun  but I'm not loving the fact that my heart rate is way too high during my runs. I don't feel like my body is over stressed. I've been running like this for years, obviously. But now I have knowledge. And the knowledge indicates that I am working out way beyond the recommended percentage of maximum heart rate. I'm trying to figure out if I should be troubled by this.... Most of me says, "feh, you're a freak, we knew that." But part of me say, "whoa, sally, you may only get a billion beats in this life so ya better get this figured out."

I'm honestly one of the healthiest people I know... So do I interrupt my already insane schedule and go to the doctor about this? She's either going to snicker at me and send me away or send me on to a cardiologist or something which would then make my schedule even CRAZIER.

Or, I could just take the heart rate monitor off and go back to blissful ignorance. That might be fun, too.

Decisions..... Such a pain.


  1. Wouldn't you rather she snicker at you and send you away? I mean, I am positive you are doing GREAT(!!), but wouldn't it be awesome to have your doctor say that?! You always were sort of a running anomaly....

  2. You KNOW what I would say..."get thee to...."