Monday, March 15, 2010

Maybe when I turn 37....

Elliott: Tomorrow is your birthday, Mommy!
Me: Yep. Do you know what I want?
Elliott: No, Mommy, what do you want?
Me: I want you boys to be angels tomorrow and help me have a wonderful day.
Tommy: NO! I'm not going to be an angel. I want to be a shepherd.
Me: Oh, it's just an expression. It means I want you to....
Tommy: NO! I'm not dressing up like that. I hate that...
Me: Tommy, you're not listening to me. It doesn't mean you dress up like an angel. It just means that you behave and listen...
Tommy: Mommy. I am not going to be an angel beause that's for girls....
(And on and on until I left the room...)

So, there goes my birthday wish.


  1. Thanks for my chuckle of the day!

    By the way, March 16th, 1974 was a wild and wintry time. Dad couldn't even come to see us for a couple of days and when he did, he brought a floral arrangement from a funeral service. At least he took off the sparkled ribbon that said "Mother"! The nurses took pity after laughing themselves silly, and removed them from the paper fiber container and put them in a urinal!

  2. Hey, can ya blame the kid? How's he supposed to know Mom's not talking crazy? Like dress up, skits, and the birthday song is really out there for your pint-sized crew? Well, angles or little demons, is no matter 'cause they still love ya none the less PVG! Happy Birthday to the coolest 36 year old 'momboy' I know! Big hugs and lotsa love to you and yours on your special day Phoebe!!

  3. Angles? I LIVE in the 'city of angels' and, um, I didn't notice I typed it wrong. Tee hee. See, this is why you don't leave comments with sleepers in your eyes OR trust that spell check knows what the hell you're talking about! Well, here's hoping you didn't have to pull out the protractor to keep 'em in line yesterday--or today for that matter?!@#