Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In the money

At this second, right now, we have some money. Not a lot of money. Nothing that would mean much to most people I know. But our taxes are done and our return is really nice. I'm shocked, actually, at how nice it is. It's a great feeling, but it's also unsettling.

What are we going to do with the money? We owe my in-laws a big chunk and we could completely pay them back and still have a small amount left over for the savings account. We also are in desperate need of a new (well, new-to-us, of course) AWD vehicle. This money won't pay for that, but it would be a good down payment and help a lot of with the inevitable monthly payments to follow. We also took out a chunk of money from our "dream vacation" fund this winter in order to pay bills and it sure would be nice to replenish that. Of course, there's also the house that needs to be painted and the deck that needs attention and the window in the upstairs bathroom that leaks and the carpets that need to be replaced or at least professionally cleaned... Not to mention that fact that Tommy and Elliott's birthday's are coming and, dammit, so is mine and a day at a spa wouldn't break my heart!

But let's get real. Every year we get some money back. And, every year, Karma smacks us in the head (or some place south of there) with a blown transmission or a defunct furnace or BOTH (like last year... hence in the loan from the in-laws...) So, every year this day or so of planning and imagining what sort of fun or at least what sort of relief we can enjoy goes up in smoke because Something happens.

So I'm really happy. And I'm really worried. And I'm really sure that this money is already spent. And... no matter what happens, I know with almost 100% certainty I won't be getting a massage anytime soon.


  1. Nuts. We are splitting it between my in-laws, regular savings and vacation fund. It's the right thing to do... but I'm still a little pissy about it.

  2. I bought a fancy running watch on line today. It's for my birthday and my Mama sent me a gift certificate that covered most of it. So ppppbbbbbllllttt to responsible adult financial decisions. Also, I signed up for another Half Marathon. (Double ppppbbbblltttt!)