Friday, February 19, 2010

my little juvie

I sent this message to a couple of my FB friends, one a psychologist and another a family therapist. Maybe someone else will have some suggestions....

Today Tom was pissed off because one of his daycare buddies said "you lose" to him. This is a phrase Tommy uses liberally and with great joy toward others.... though I have tried to remove it from his repertoire.

He sat on the kitchen counter debriefing with me and telling me how mean these kids were (they are brothers) and I indulged. Then I said, "So what should we do about it." He said...

"I'm gonna get 3 knives and cut them in half."


I said... "Do you really want to know what would happen if you got knives and cut the boys? The police and other people in our town would decide that Mommy & Daddy didn't know how to be good parents to you and they would take you to live with another family."

And went on from there.

I did this very calmly but of course now I'm wondering if that was too brutal. He didn't seem too phased by it but he did retort, a few minutes later...

"Okay, I won't use a gun and I won't use a knife because you don't like those. But I'll use a light saber because you like those."

Again: awesome. Thank you, George Lucas. Message clearly not received.

P.S. I did relay this to my Mom and although she wasn't sure I said the right thing, she DID say it's exactly what she would have said. I come by it honestly, anyway!

Should I just send him to a foster family now or wait till we get on the news???

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