Friday, February 19, 2010

Eight quick things

The idea was I'd have something to say everyday. What's happening is I just cannot conjure up profundity. So for this morning I'm going to do a quick assault of what's on my mind with very little insight or inspiration.

1) Headache.
2) Kid with major boogers and beginning of major chapped lips (One of my pet peeves when I was a kid was other kids with those awful mouth-breather chapped lips. Oh, man!)
3) Packing. We leave for The Mouse on Sunday. I'm going to simultaneously over pack (about 10 things that we will never even remove from the bags) and under pack (forget at least 3 vital things that will cost 10x their retail value in the Park). I'm such an optimist.
4) Sp Ed/Bad Wife. Tommy's Sp Ed teacher called yesterday requesting we forgo the complete testing that is due and just re-test what they did last year in preschool. This is because the school year is about a month shorter than usual. I said yes. I should have run it by Scott. Sometimes I feel like I am still too devoted to my former co-workers and not devoted enough to my kid.... but I really do understand the pressure they are under and he's doing SO well. At least we'll get an Apples to Apples comparison of his growth since last spring.
5) Elliott. Has been in the habit of requesting company when he goes to the bathroom. I usually indulge this. Trying to appreciate that he really is a little more sensitive than I ever was. Also, I need to record these sessions... which sounds gross but he comes out with the most hilarious topics of conversations and insights during these sessions. God I love that kid.
6) Running. What running? Haven't run since Saturday when I did 8.6, felt awesome and then went down for the count. My chest is still phlegmy but I am determined that tomorrow I will do a long run and I will officially begin marathon training in Florida. Watch out Blog. After that almost every post is going to be run-centric.
7) Earth Day. Meeting last night. Good people. Fear they are not nearly concerned enough about the fact that all of this is less than 2 months away. Oh well....
8) Looking forward to: 4:30PM, cleaning the house (well, the end result anyway), pulling out short sleeves and shorts, arriving to warm temperatures, watching my kids experience The Magic, watching my in laws notice all the ways the boys have grown up since they saw them last, running in the warm weather, lounging by the pool, a night out without kids...... It's nice to anticipate!

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