Thursday, January 21, 2010

Letter to Kindergarten

Dear Marilyn –

I have always enjoyed the stories you told about how Kindergarten children see the world and experience things like Martin Luther King Day. Of course, I never truly appreciated it until this year. Here’s the approximate conversation I had with Tommy last night:

Tommy: MOMMY! I need to be with dark people.

Me: Well, you’re Darth Vader guy is in the play room. (He calls Darth Vader “Dark” Vader sometimes…)

Tommy: No, Mommy. I need to play with dark people. Like Marfin Lufer King.

Me: OOH! Well, Tommy, you have cousins who have dark skin and you play with them every time we go to Gungah’s house. You know, Zyir and Tyray and Tyra….

Tommy: Oh, well, Mommy, what if I play with them and the bad man comes and says I can’t anymore?

Me: Well, Tom, there aren’t very many people who would say that anymore. Thankfully most people love to see children with all kinds of skin playing together.

Tommy: Mommy, how come we don’t have a lot of dark people in Mirror Lake?

Me: Well, ummmm (yikes, how do I explain this one??)

Tommy: Oh, I know! They just haven’t been born yet! (Starts to go off happily… and then…) Hey, Mommy, how come he didn’t wear a crown?

Me: Who?

Tommy: The King! Marfin Lufer!

Thanks for the constant stream of laughs!

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  1. Um, We could be friends and fill your dark person quota.....also as a side note we have varying degrees of brown if that would help. :)