Friday, January 15, 2010

Laura Ingalls didn't have to worry about this

Do people just write and post these things or do they write and think and edit and then post? And ought I categorize my topics? It's fascinating to me to realize that I have been hearing about blogs and how they effect our politics and society so immensely and yet I follow exactly one... (yes, that's you Kathleen). So I don't really know the rules on this. Are there rules?

My biggest concern is how to write about the stuff that's on my mind (and the people who are on my mind) without offending them. And I don't mean because I have different views from theirs... but say for instance someone near to me has ticked me off for some reason and I feel like my observations on this event would benefit the worlD (note: sarcasm style).... If I put that in a blog and that person follows the blog, well, ummm, what then?

I guess I'll cross that cookie when the pope shits in the glass house.

(It's really more poetry than blog when I put it that way, isn't it?)

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