Thursday, January 11, 2018

I'll Be There For You; Or, I came back to the blog for THIS?

This was going to be a Tweet. But it was too long.

Then it was going to be an FB post. But again: too long.

It's not important.
It's not insightful.

It's just a thing that happened and I was thinking about.

So. Here it is. A blog post about nothing.

Spent about 75 minutes at the gym this morning. Through my headphones (on which I was listening to Old Lady Podcast Stuff) I could hear them playing Bon Jovi. Like, a LOT of Bon Jovi. All the Bon Jovis. The puzzle is thus:

How do I know EVERY WORD to EVERY Bon Jovi song? I never owned an album. I never went out of my way to listen to them. I mean, they were fine but not my particular taste. I had not heard some of these deep cuts since the early 90s. And yet... Every. Word.

Surely it's down to demographics and geography and long bus rides to volleyball games and track meets and HS dances. But how did they get in there? And how did they STAY in there?!

More importantly, how can I swap this useless information out for things that I ought to actually remember?! Science nerds, please get on that.

What are the songs or things you inexplicably remember, despite decades of not caring nor thinking about them? Phone numbers of childhood friends? (Me? Yes, not that I know any CURRENT phone numbers I might require). Locker combinations? (Yup. Locker 804. 30-32-16).

What am I forgetting that I remember?....

P.S. Remember when I used to run? It's been about 4 months. Maybe a blog post about that eventually.

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