Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MRI Scheduled! + a very special mail call

At last, the folks at the Worker's Comp company returned the call from my ortho doc's office and I have an MRI tomorrow morning. If you are a praying kind, the die is cast on the damage that's done but I DO pray for a clear picture of what the problem(s) are. So, maybe pray for a good photographer. (And maybe I can get tapped for America's Next Top Messed Up Knee Ligament Model. Now THERE'S a catwalk I would tune in to see!) Also, pray that I have an empty bladder going in... cuz, well, ya know!

My follow up will be with a surgeon next Monday. This is not my first choice, since I really want to go back to Tim, the PA/marathoner/Ironman/All Around Awesome Guy, but he's on vacation starting today for 10 days and my head would explode if I had to wait that long to get the results. From there, probably surgery and PT out the patootee.

When I got home today (we had an early release.... Again..... Because of snow..... Yes..... More snow... We're thrilled... Really...) there were two pieces of mail that were of interest to me. One was this:

Paperwork from the Worker's Comp company. Dig the Evil Corp. name: Primex3. For REAL. Also, in case you were interested in stealing my identity, I've made it a teeny bit harder with my mad Microsoft Paint skills. I know you wanna be me....
So this means more forward movement on that front. Apparently they will come see me in person to confirm that I actually am disabled. It makes me feel a little icky that they are going to do that... like I've done something wrong by making the claim. Oh, well. I guess they get enough false claims that they have to do this stuff. I'm certainly not claiming to be completely disabled.... but there's definitely going to be some time away from work... Whatever. I am not going to worry about this for now.

Okay. So the AMAAAAAZING things I got in the mail were from the daughters of my Pay It 40-ward teammate, Kim. Shelby is 9 and Phoebe (YES! She has a munchkin named Phoebe!!) is 6. They have watched their Mama evolve into a serious BAMR over the last couple of years and have, by association, been following my Pay it 40-ward drama as well. Kim reports that when she read my post about the injury, it actually made her cry and the girls were wondering what was wrong. When she told them, they went right to their craft table to create these bracelets and cards. How supremely amazing is that?! I told Kim "Now I know how it might feel to have daughters!"

Dory. Being bestowed this gem is meaningful because, well, "just keep swimming!" is a great motto for me right now AND she is a precious commodity to Kim's girls! Wow. 

Love the colors! My theory on the choices is thus:
Blue & White are the colors of my high school alma mater, where the girls' dad is a PE teacher and coach and also Yankee colors. (This family is Yankees crazed... in a nice way, of course.) The pink I have to attribute to my cousin Polly, whom they knew and loved, and her fight against breast cancer. Black is probably because... errr... it's the darkest before the dawn, maybe?

From Shelby: "Feel better soon! I know you work really hard!!" (I am "Big Phoebe" How cool is that?) 
From Phoebe: "Get well soon Big Phoebe!" (Note the hearts on the exclamation points and the "40 miles" finisher's medal.)
These treasures are on display of the glass doors of my 'work out' room. They will definitely inspire me as I brave what's ahead. Thank you Kim, Shelby and Phoebe! I can't express how kind and meaningful those drawings and bracelets are to me!


  1. Primex3 does sound like an evil corporation! I went to the chiropractor last year when I hurt my leg and my insurance company made a big fuss about how I got hurt. Annoying, too bad so many jerks have to ruin it for the honest people!

  2. Phoebe - I found your blog through the Run Like a Mother Strava challenge, and my heart just aches for what you're going through. I'm on my way back from an injury that, while far less serious than yours, did keep me from running for nearly 3 months, and it has been quite an eye-opening experience for me. I've learned so much, and I'm coming out of it stronger and smarter. Small comfort, I know, when you're at the beginning of this journey, and still waiting for answers to so many questions - but it will all work out in the end. I am now anxiously awaiting your next update, and hoping that you get at least some good news.