Friday, November 22, 2013

Recap, Interuppted (Sadly, not starring Winona Ryder)

So, week one of training for Pay it 40-Ward is complete. Physically I feel mostly quite good, but I do have a few points of concern. Specifically, those points are my IT band on my right leg and the spot right under my right butt cheek. (Hope you were not about to sit down and eat!) The mileage was pretty much rock bottom for this venture. It's mildly alarming that in a few short weeks I'll be running far more than that on weekends alone. (I start throwing in Sunday runs beginning the week of December 2.

 Week # Mon Tue WedThu  Fri Sat SunMiles 
 Scheduled 0 4 4 0 8 0 20
Actual 0 4.07
 0 7.99
 20:00 "Yoga for Runners 20

That's as far as I got when I started this post last Sunday night. It was a long weekend of Fiddler on the Roof performances and I got sucked into an episode of Sherlock my husband was watching - GREAT show but NOT a show you can watch-and-blog to... and then it was late at night and I needed to go to bed.

And then it was Monday and all which that implies (work and karate and homework and... ) my husband didn't get home until about 8:30 and I needed to get up at scary o'clock to run....

Ditto all of that on Tuesday.

Ditto all of that on Wednesday.

And then THURSDAY. THURRRRSSSDAY I was all set to Blog because Scott was home early-ish and I didn't need to get up at 5 to run because Friday is a rest day and I was, like SO gonna catch you all up on things. Yup. It was totally happening.

BUT on THURSDAY, THIS happened:
Middle Brother attempts to protect Mom's laptop from Baby Brother. You win this round, Gravity.
Oh, the tears! (Not mine. Middle Brother's)
Blessedly, it's 'merely cosmetic' and I type this now on this sad looking laptop with a VGA cable hooked up to a TV. This is inconvenient, since I cannot move around or relax on the couch or bed to get things done. BUT, at least all of my precious files are intact. 

Enough excuses. I do have a couple of exciting updates that need to be addressed.

First, I have some additions to the Pay It 40-ward Team. 
  • Mile 29: Jonathan from Kenosha, WI (Dragged in by marriage, methinks, but so happy to have this Shakespeare expert on board. He adds a little Bard-ish class to this otherwise mindless musical of a production.)
  • Mile 30: Kristen from Ashland, MA (Our FIRST from the commonwealth to our south and the first of my relatives-by-marriage to hop on board. Yay, Kristen!)
  • Mile 31: Liz (and family) from Dighton, MA (Talk about legacy... Liz is a person with whom I ran some of my very first miles! I long idolized her in jr. high and high school because she was such an exceptional runner. Hi, Liz!!)
The 31 Teammates have come from such varying places in my life. We have 9 states represented. The youngest team member is 13 (I think...Meghan, how old is Teagan?) and the oldest is 74. I've got relatives by blood and marriage, friends from high school, former teachers, friends from church and theater, co-workers, and at least one whom I've only known through her Twitter handle and therefore didn't recognize her real name! (Hi, @RowGirl2012. Don't worry, I won't reveal your true identity here!) I am totally digging how the literal and emotional map of this group is developing. Yay, team!!

I have more item to share with you but you have suffered enough with this long post, as have I. Next time I will share the very first of the Pay It 40-ward in action photos and I'll catch you up on how my training is going so far. (Hint: Every day I have to remind myself that I am in a constant state of being at the EASIEST point in this process. Yikes!)

Thank you for your support. Please email me and let me know you are in if you haven't done so yet. If you think you have signed up but you haven't seen  your name on this blog, please send me another message. I've got 99 excuses for people falling through the cracks. (None of which are good!) Remember, I need 9 more teammates to make this not-embarassing!

Good night. TGIF. And if you, like me, are lucky enough to have next week off from work, enjoy it, (as I will) and don't spend too much money trying to make up for the fact that you haven't purchased ANY Christmas gifts yet.... (which I will!) 

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