Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Injured runner shame spiral

I have self-diagnosed with many physical maladies, but this morning as I lay in bed was the first time I have self-diagnosed a mental health issue. I needed to get up and move. I needed to do some yoga, some strength training. I needed to sweat and tire out my muscles in a way that wouldn't bother my $(;&" knee.

But I just lay there. I was so cozy and warm in my self pity. (Don't deny it: you've wrapped yourself up in the same fuzzy blanket at times, too!) What I wanted I couldn't have. I wanted to run.

Ya see, on Monday I tried the elliptical for an easy 30 minutes and by afternoon my knee was killing me. Plus I'm still battling bizarre pains in my hip and lower back.
It's possibly, ever-so-slightly, that I may be blowing things out of proportion. Who ME!?!

Tomorrow will be better. Not because I am suddenly cured or self-motivated. It will be better because of this email exchange from my gracious and understanding BRF (best running friend):

Me: I am in an injured runners shame spiral... I could totally get up and do strength training, yoga, etc. and all I do is lie in bed and mope about not running. Could you kick me in the ass, please!?

BRF: Ok, yeah. You need to get your ass moving. You have worked too hard to get your fitness level where it is. Yoga will help mind, BODY and soul. Do it. Lift some weights while you are at it, or use your body weight. Planks are your friend. Strong core....good. :-) how's that?

So, now I will feel obligated to her to get up and move tomorrow. I think that has been the missing ingredient. Here's hoping anyway!

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