Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Jars

I'm slinking back sheepishly to the blog today because, well, there's ONE thing I do for the holidays that I am kinda proud of: Christmas Jars. It all started in 2006 when Tommy was 2 and Elliott was 6 months old. I'm not sure how the idea actually sparked, though I AM sure that it must have been stolen from someone else.

Anyway, each year I write a little review (with the boys' help now that they're older) of each kid's year. Then, we get a photo of the kid, glue it on a jar, decorate the jar, slap the year on it and - BAM! - an annual tradition that is really worth the effort. The real pay off comes after a couple of years where the kids can see how much they've grown (literally, from the photos) and socially/emotionally/intellectually (from the write ups).

Gabe's first Christmas Jar! Classic in-the-laundry-basket shot.

Tom chose the mouth-full pose. Seems fitting!

Elliott in a costume from "Gypsy". Durn cute!

Now that I don't have the daycare, I'm woefully short on art supplies. So, no paint this year, but confetti! That'll bring fun (read: mess) every year when we pull them out of storage. The gift that keeps on giving.

Six years of Elliott

Six years of Tommy
If you have little kids, I highly recommend starting this or some other similar tradition. It really will brighten your spirits and imagine how precious it will be when they are all grown up!?

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season. We are doing it pretty low key around here, which suits me PERFECTLY.

In case you are a runner-follower, yes, I'm still running. No, not as much as I'd like/should. But, I am LOVING having a BRF (Best Running Friend -Lauren) who lives a couple of miles away. We are keeping each other honest... at least on Saturday mornings. I'll be back to blogging about running soon. Plan on doing the Eastern States 20 in late March with Lauren as she is going to use it as a last long run before Boston. Yup, she's THAT good!


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