Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Run

At my folk's house and enjoying the extra time and eager child watchers which allow me great running. Earned my over indulgence this morning with 8.3 of killer hills. Perfect temp and beautiful sunshine. Remembered to shoot some pics with my wicked smart phone toward the end. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday.

When I got on the main road I noticed how my shadow was right in line with the white line of the road. It reminded me, duh, I have a camera on this this!

Just before the final looong ascent back to my parents' house, there's a large cornfield that's been there forever. A welcome sight, but a stark reminder that it's only just beginning to get HARD. (And yes, my hat says, "WINOS: Women In Need of Spirits").

Mom and Dad helped organize a scarecrow contest in their town. The angel above me here was the church's entry. She's been moved to their road and dubbed "Gungah". I love that she is sort of a judgmental angel, with her arms crossed and all.   

My post run stretching partner. The good little guy slept for my whole run and gave me a great poopy diaper when I returned.

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