Monday, October 1, 2012

Tuftonboro 5K

Saturday morning... after a week with exactly ZERO training runs, thanks to Gabe a.k.a. Screamy McScreamerson... I did the Tuftonboro 5K. I knew it would be a small race as it is a small town and the very first time for this event. From the Facebook page I knew I would see many of my friends and acquaintances from around town there so I was looking forward to it, despite my total lack of training for the week. 

I didn't have a time goal because I haven't run a 5K without the stroller.

The highlights (or low lights, as the case may be) were:

  • I, at long last, got to run with Heather, a Badass Mother Runner who also happens to be the Town Clerk. I fell into step with her around mile 1 and we kept each other company for the rest of the course. She's a rock star and had enough in her tank to crush the last .25 or so. It was great to see her finish so strong!
  • My legs were total junk. This stems from lack of training last week off the 1/2 marathon, shoes that are far past their point of usefulness, and some serious-ass hills on the course.
  • Scott drove the course with the boys so I got a high five from each of them at one point and another "Go, Mom!" with about a mile to go. Always great to have my people along the road for me.
  • I came in 7th overall! (Toldja it was a small race!)
Here are my stats:
7 (overall) 
3/13 (age group) 
24:54 (finish time) 
8:02 (pace)

Great little race and I hope they make it a tradition. Sure nice to leave your house for a race and be back within the hour, race complete!

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