Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Marathon

Just watching the women race here and thinking...

All the Olympic athletes are incredible. But there's something about watching these runners. Not everyone has done Judo or played volleyball or shot skeets (skeet shooted? skeeted their shots? huh...). So we don't necessarily know how it feels to attempt these endeavors.

But everyone (with a few exceptions) knows what it feels like to run. So the marathon gives you a very clear indication of how incredible these people are.!

My fastest marathon is a 3:44. Three hours and forty-four minutes after the gun, these ladies will have hugged their kids, spoken to 10 or 12 media outlets, eaten a good meal, showered and probably checked the status of their latest order on

Just amazing.

And for now, that is all.

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  1. You are absolutely right! They are amazing. They would probably have competed in a 2nd Olympic marathon by the time I finished running one! :)