Friday, August 3, 2012

I really am an inspiration....

On hold with Tracfone... might as well blog!

Just thinking today about the young girls I saw at the track.

Let me paint you a picture:

They were super fit and training for speed and high jumping. There were 5 of them. Some training in pairs. Some alone. Their hair looked combed. Their legs and armpits appeared to be shaved. They looked like they may have even showered this morning. Pretty sure their sweat smelled like lilacs or lilies. Their ages ranged from 14 - 20... though I'm so bad at ages these days I could be wrong.

Then there was me. Bedhead hair. Baby puked upon running shirt. Forest-ish legs and let's not talk about my pits. Stretch marks in places one would think nothing could possibly stretch. I had my trusty jog stroller. I had my yackity 6-year-old sitting in the front (NOT a seat, mind you... where the feet of the rider are supposed to go). He was DELIGHTFUL about it and happily "read" and re-read an "Olivia" book with a Leapster Pen which we borrowed from the library, (What a great resource, by the way!) Baby - mostly un-fussy - strapped in the jogger.

The contrast between the youthful and me made me laugh out loud. And then I envisioned the thought bubbles they might be having about me and my situation:

"Wow, she's got her hands full, but she's really getting it done!"
"I hope I'm that fit when I'm her age."
"What a great way to keep yourself in shape and show your kids how important fitness is."

My happy little imaginings could have gone on and on. 'Cuz, dammit, even though it was just a quick 12 laps, I knew I was a role model for those girls. I almost went over to them to find out if they wanted my autograph... obviously I was changing their lives!

Then I remembered the hair and puke and the body hair are realized their thought bubbles were probably more along the lines of...

"Get off the track, Old Lady."

Either way, it was a pretty good run with two happy kids and my brain taking me to hilarious places.

Hope you rocked your workout today! I have 10 on tap for tomorrow.... Will probably be harder to SCHEDULE the damn run than to actually run it. Fingers crossed.

P.S. Was on the phone with Tracfone for 2.5 HOURS... and my new phone still doesn't work. I want a freakin' Nobel Peace Prize for not reaching into the phone and strangling someone.

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