Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skinny Man Update

Thanks for your kind words and commiseration after yesterday's post. I know that every parent has moments (or months!?) that they look back upon and wonder, "what the hell was I thinking!?" And even looking back on it, I honestly don't feel like my "mistake" was something to be embarrasses about. The only thing I could (and would) have done differently was get him on a scale sooner as opposed to later.

One of the things about having more than one kid in your household is that you can't be hyper vigilant (hyper paranoid?) about any one of them. While this may lead to some things slipping through the cracks for a while, it also makes the whole "the world doesn't revolve around you" lesson very teachable early on.

(Yes, OF COURSE many parents of only children successfully teach that lesson. I just don't know that I would be able to do it if we had just one offspring.)
I don't think it comes in my size anyway...

Wow. That sounds pretty harsh when you're talking about a 2-month-old, doesn't it? But, there it is. From the mouth (keyboard) of the (mostly) well-adjusted 6th of 8 children!

So, yesterday Mr. Skinny ate just about every hour of the day. WOW! He took a total of about 8 ounces of formula (sigh...) and nursed even more than he would have in previous days. I will certainly admit that I could be seeing what I wish to see, but he seems to be much more chill with this full, full belly. He also seems to be tolerating the formula well and even had an "easy" pooped this morning - a notable occasion, for sure!

Another vote against me claiming Neglectful Momma of the Year Award came when the lactation consultant visited.  She weighed him, I nursed him, and she weighed him again: he had gained 1 oz after the feeding.... confirmation that he's definitely getting nourishment. (Maybe it's just skim milk?) She also noted that his latch was good and (as the doctor said on Tuesday) he seemed right on target developmentally.

She also reaffirmed that the supplementing may not have to be a permanent situation. If we can get his weight up in the next month or so, I can cool it. I have a Varsity breast pump being shipped so when that gets here I will spend as much time as possible (with a good Netflix cue set up, hopefully) getting a good supply built up.

We are on the road next week (to my Mom's for the annual Camp Gungah festivities with (almost) all of the 20 cousins... WEEE!) which brings benefits and challenges: lots of helpful hands (big & small) to hold and love him, but also, nutty schedules and awkward feeding situations. (It's not nearly as easy to get a good latch and a long nursing session when we are out and about as when we are home on the couch.) Knock wood that between now and then we have a chunkier baby to share with his Fan Club.

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