Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back in the Bib

Gabriel was officially 7 weeks old yesterday and I had my first post-baby race. It was The Over the River and Through the Woods 5K in Concord. The course was really great because it offered a nice mix of road running and trail running. The only hills were on the roads (mostly going up and over a bridge which crossed a major highway... oh, and a river, as the race name would suggest). In a couple of spots the trail (which was in the woods, natch) narrowed to a single lane which was a great time to chill and maintain pace without feeling obligated to pass anyone. (Since I was not in a place to gut out an incredible time, I liked this aspect as it reigned me in a bit). 

The temperature was perfect: mid-50s. Unfortunately, this glorious temp was paired with rain. And more rain. And rain-rain-rainity-rain. (In retrospect, we actually lucked out because later in the day the rain got much heavier and the winds became vicious.) Again, the rain suited me as it seemed to offer another reason to take it easy on myself.

All the cool kids expose themselves a bit before a race.
Scott's camera phone offer the perfect amount of obscurity a la my ta-tas!
Scott and the boys drove me down. I had my first-ever "last minute nursing session before a race" with Gabriel. (Never raced while nursing the older two boys). Because it was pouring, we huddled in the back of the minivan. I had to make the tough decision of whether to wake him up from a sound sleep to feed him or let him sleep and risk his freaking out from hunger if he woke up before I was done. His naps are not exactly easy to track right now so it could have gone either way. I decided to err on the side of a full belly. Glad I did: he slept for the entire race!

3-M: Me, Meg, and Mandy. Before the race.
Before the race I met up with fellow racers Megan, Mandy & John. I also saw another FB friend, Andrea, who was running. We were lucky to have a mini-cheering (and photography) section in Karen & her little guy, Andrik, as well as Amy, of Wolfe 101 fame. So nice to have friendly faces at the start and finish!

I gave myself some vague goals for the race:

A) Finish feeling good
B) Finish in under 30:00
C) Finish in under 27:27 (my 5K time last October when I was 14 weeks pregnant)

Happily, I can report that I met each of these goals!

Chip time: 26:41
Overall: 131/274
Age group place: 8/33    
Pace: 8:36

Trust me: I'm smiling!
The fact that my pace was under 9:00 tickles me pink. Half marathon training officially begins tomorrow and this pace gives me a great place to start. (Trying not to focus on the fact that my last half marathon I ran at a pace of 7:57 or something obnoxious like that.... we won't be shooting for that this time around!)
Me, John, Mandy & Megan (who had ANOTHER PR yesterday!) There's a FB discussion going - started by my sister - about the size of my hooters in this photo. I was sort of shocked at them, too.

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  1. I love reading your blog Phoebe! :) It was good to see you yesterday (twice)! I am glad you had a great race and I was shocked myself about the PR I set! :)