Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tough Grrrrllll

I'm happy to be back in some what of a groove with running and fitness! Based on my "overnight activity" (nursing 2 - 3 times) I've only managed one early morning in the last week, but thankfully I've found ways to work runs and strength training into my life in other ways.

For instance, on Tuesday & Thursday mornings I only have 2 babies with me (Gabriel & his 12-month-old buddy). Since they both take morning naps, I have been able to work a yoga session in. I either do a Yoga Zone workout from Hulu or I do "Ten Minute Yoga Solution" off of Netflix. (Don't let the "10 minutes" fool you... there are 5 ten minute segments that work different parts... it's NOT easy, especially since my parts are still a bit floppy and postpartum-y!) I've also taken to doing squats, push ups, lunges and calf raises at random intervals through out my days whenever I think of it. I really intend to making this "reset" of my running life include strength training... which normally I am SO bad about!

Tuesday & Thursday training partners.

Running-wise, I have been focusing on time (30 or 40 minutes) instead of distance. I couldn't, however, fail to notice that in my "long" run on Saturday morning I did not-quite-4 miles in 40 minutes. I'm not delusional... I know that's not fast... but given that it was on the hilly roads of my neighborhood, I felt very good about it.

On Mother's Day, we went to the local track/playground/soccer/lacrosse/baseball/etc. fields so the boys could practice riding bikes. (One of my regrets in life is that we have to put bikes in the car in order to ride them. Blasted sidewalk-less/shoulder-less/danger-ous rural roads!) While Scott helped Tommy master the 2-wheeler (with success!), Elliott tooled around on his training wheels, and Gabriel snoozed in his car seat, I ran a mile on the track (no watch timing me.... I'm not a glutton!) and then did THIS fairly killer strength plan found on Another Mother Runner. The workout calls for doing it 3 -5 times... I managed to do it just 2x through! But, I threw in a couple of "sprints" for good measure. I'll definitely be trying it again soon.

I also got some bonus time at the track yesterday because Tommy really wanted to head back over there to practice riding his bike again. I did a (speedy-for-me) 20 minutes and considering it was meant to be a rest day, I am pleased about that for sure.

There's a chance I'll be running a 5K on June 2nd with my friends Megan, Mandy & John.... Haven't decided for sure if I'm going to forgo church obligations that day, though I'm leaning on worshipping in my Brooks and a racing bib, if you know what I mean.

Finally, I had refused to "waste" money on new running shoes while I was pregnant. On Friday I called the closest shoe store and was THRILLED to find out that they now carry Brooks. So, I got a new pair of kicks and have solved the mysterious achy knee problem. (That's one lesson I've FINALLY learned in running: old shoes can cause real problems.) I've run pain-free 3 days in a row so yahoo for fresh sneaks!

There was a prettier, purple pair but I did the grown up thing and bought the pair that felt better!

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