Friday, May 4, 2012

Spit Take

Don't you hate when people take a story that happened to you and then re-tell it? Even if Betty Lou opens with, "Sally Sue had this happen to her..." it still sort of takes away from Sally Sue if Betty Lou tells the story.
What's in YOUR Purrell?

That being said, I'm TOTALLY Betty Lou-ing this. But you'll see why. It's just TOO great. And I think Sally Sue will forgive me.

First of all, this story is absolutely true. "Sally Sue" told me herself.

Sally Sue is a teacher. She has a class of young kids. On a recent afternoon, she asked to gather on the rug for their daily read aloud. When she got to the rug with the book, her cherubs were ready for the story.

Ready for the story, that is, except for the fact that each of them had their hands and arms covered in some kind of shimmery substance. She was puzzled as she watched them vigorously rubbing their hands together and asked, "WHAT have you guys got all over your hands??"

"Jenny had hand sanitizer and she let us all use some."

All right for sharing, thinks Sally. Except... Sally Sue knew this stuff was not hand sanitizer, especially when a kiddo piped in, "It's kind of tingly!"

Puzzlement evolves into alarm.... Sally Sue got a bad feeling. "Jenny, can you please go get the bottle for me?"

Jenny did. And no, Jenny did NOT bring in hand sanitizer. Jenny brought in

(prepare for spit take)

KY Jelly.

(Pause for you to get a napkin and wipe the drink off your pants).

Yes. KY Jelly. And, yes, it was the "sensations" variety. Hence the report of tingling.

"Jenny, where did you get this?"

"Off my dad's dresser."

(Could you DIE?!)

"Okay, everyone needs to go wash their hands. This sanitizer is, ummmm, expired."

I submit: Best. Teaching moment. Ever.

Hope you had a memorable, laugh-worthy week!