Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Totally On Purpose: "Waiting for Giessler"

Dear Baby TOP,

(Who am I kidding? I'm not writing this to Baby TOP anymore. That would take too much brain power. Here's my verbal diarrhea for the day...)

"Waiting for Guffman" is the best movie ever. Hence the title of this blog post. If you haven't seen the movie and you have any kind of sense of humor (a soft spot for community theater doesn't hurt either) you have to check out this movie.

I don't have a new baby yet. I DID have some, errrr, stuff last night that led me to believe I would have a baby. However, here I am. An ultrasound yesterday shows that all is well with TOP. He's considered small for his gestational age (7lbs) but that's certainly big enough for arrival! My amniotic fluid levels were fine, too, so life is good.

Yesterday afternoon I went into Tommy's classroom to help 6 of the kids write scripts for a project they are working on. It's been quite a while since I've done the Hard Core Teacher Thing. It was fine... I THINK they get the gist of what I was trying to have them accomplish - but it was also good reminder of why my "talents" might lay elsewhere. (Bickering about inconsequential subjects I expected, but I had no idea the talent of time wasting was established so young!)

My leisure time is being spent remembering a seemingly endless list of tasks that need to taken care of... and attempting to get them accomplished. ("Dhuuhhhh, George, do ya think we need to get the car seat in the car?") Also trying to re-arrange some things so we can have baby items at-the-ready. Would hate to be "bored".

The Great and Glorious Gungah has taken some pictures of Team Giessler as we await the arrival of Baby TOP. So, here they are...

39 weeks. Ready. Really really really ready.

Palm Sunday at our church. Some people are so darn talented... we had to take a picture!

Da best! What would we do without Gungah??

Mom worked on making the light better in this photo of Scott. (Here he's taking a picture of one of the boys). We think it's almost ultrasound-esque in style.

He will never have to defeat anyone in karate. They'll just look at him and want to squeeze him!

Tommy found an inner "Handsome Beast" (or "Blue Steel") pose for a series of photos my Mom took. I've NEVER seen him sit so seriously for pictures. Thought he was getting angry but, in fact, he was acting... And finally started to crack a smile with photo number 5 or 6 - here.    

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