Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Why is it made of ice?"

Three-year-olds are pretty hilarious. Give a three-year-old a big old pregnant belly you will get more hilarity than you ever imagined possible.

Reid, one of my daycare darlin's, was at the playground with me today. The sun was really bright and he was taking a break in the shade with me. He looked quizzically at my stomach and began this conversation:

(I wish you could hear his voice and see his face in the following conversation because it really adds to it!)

"What's with your belly...?

"Pretty big, huh? The new baby is in there."

"Can I see it?" He's seen my belly plenty of times but not bare.

"Sure." I lift up my shirt and he gawks at the great white whale in front of him. Reluctantly, he reaches out to touch it.

"Why is it made of ice?" He's clearly referring to the color and the solid feel.

"It's not ice, babe, that's just the baby taking up a lot of room." He leans in closer and I think he's about to give the baby a nice kiss. What a sweetie!


He sticks out his tongue...

And LICKS my stomach!!

I guess he really didn't believe me that it wasn't ice and needed to make sure.

Also.... he says it smells like ice cream. Ooookay. I mean, I smell like a lot of things these days, but ice cream is NOT one of them!

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