Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Glamour in Mud Season

I have some big news for you.

It's going to come as quite a shock, so I hope you're sitting down.

Okay. Take a deep breath, because here it is:

Some people in the world are NOT having a baby in April.

I know, crazy, right? But I have it on good authority that some folks (most of whom are not me, by the way) have things on their mind other than potential names for Baby TOP, emergency child care for Things 1 & 2 in the event of an unexpected delivery date, potential post-delivery running goals, which pieces of baby gear they can live without....

Every so often I do manage to take my head out of the maternity sand and consider what other people have going on. And, likewise, what I might be doing if Baby TOP had not become part of our lives.

One of those things is a spring series of events that The Village Players is putting together known as Glamour in Mud Season. I could try to explain what that is, but instead I'll quote the website to save you my obfuscation:

Glamour in Mud Season™ celebrates the joy of living the independent, “take life by the horns” existence that is northern New England. Long after most of America has put winter behind it and is enjoying the aromatic scents of tulips and daffodils, northern New Englanders are captivated by snow fleas and captured by foot-deep mud. They compete in “ice-out” contests, watch maple syrup boil, and create their own muscle testing, imagination stretching and ambiguously entertaining events.

Join the Village Players of Wolfeboro, NH, as it hosts Glamour in Mud Season™, a weekend-long celebration of all that makes living the vida muddy grand and glorious. April 13-15, 2012.

No self-respecting Glam Event is complete without accompanying merchandise! Check out the hilarious offerings that will let everyone know you take your Glam AND your Mud "seriously".
This is right up my alley: self-deprecating, funny, theatrical.... and were it not for the events taking place April 13 - 15, I would certainly be participating  in as many as possible. (As it is, I will either have a several-day-old baby to care for or I will be several days beyond my due date.... neither one a recipe for a night on the town, methinks!)

If you live in New Hampshire, I highly recommend you check this out. A good deal of the activities are centered around the spring production at The Village Players, Hay Fever by Noel Coward. In fact, on opening night, audience members will be treated to a red carpet entrance complete with bulb popping paparazzi and an emcee.Wouldn't you love to dust off your inner-Brangelina, don your sparkly-est duds and jewels - oh, and your knee-high waders! - and step out for a night of high class comedy? 

Yes. Yes, you would!

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