Monday, January 2, 2012

Running While Pregnant: Week 25 & 6 Days

I know I know I know! Why can't she just wait and do this post tomorrow when it's an even "Week 26". Well, I'm just SOO excited about the event that transpired yesterday that I have to shout it from the rooftops. (Errrr, write it in bold font from the blogtops?)

A good start to 2012.
Yesterday, New Years Day, January 1st, the beginning of the final year on the Mayan calendar...  
I, Phoebe, RAN!! 
Okay, okay, okay.... it was not anything that most people would recognize as actual running. I'm guessing that any decent speed walker would have left me in her dust. But for me, at this point, it was enormous.

The new year dawned GORGEOUS in these parts. We had friends coming over for brunch and I wanted to go to church, but when I stuck my nose out the door at about 9AM, I knew I had to try and get out there. My physical therapist told me that I needed to make sure all of my movement was as symmetrical as possible. In other words, running on even, flat surfaces. Given that the geology/geography of this area provides opportunities for anything BUT "symmetrical movement", I knew I needed to hit the track.

So, after a church service in which the sermon quoted a song from the musical "The Book of Mormon" (I giggled to myself for the next 10 minutes) and after a delicious brunch of too much quiche, too much fruit salad, too much chai tea, too much baked potato/veggie dish... but just the right amount of great conversation and laughs.... I donned my running clothes and headed for the track.

For irony's sake, I wore my Boston marathon shirt as my bottom layer. The way it stretched and yet still refused to cover my belly was, to me, hilarious. Scott came in while I was getting dressed and I said "Hey, honey! See how the mighty have fallen?" His response was right on and startling: "Do you want to be pregnant or not?" Okay. I will shut up about the way my "normal" clothes fit. Obviously I need the Boston technical shirt to not fit if Baby TOP is going to be healthy.

Anyway, off to the track I trotted, ummm, drove. It was a no-wind, sunny, 40-some degree day. That's like winning the lottery, running-weather-wise. I actually didn't plan on doing anything more than walking. I walked about 2 laps and was loving life. I had to take a bathroom stop (big surprise) and when I left the port-o-potty I decided to try a slow, slow jog. And I did. And it was slow. And it was, I'm sure, quite a sight to see. But, mostly, it was AWESOME.

My heart rate went up. My breath came faster. I even needed to expel mucus (eeew! but so satisfying!) which never happens unless I am truly getting exercise. I jogged about 800 meters, walked 200, jogged another 800, walked 200, jogged 800 and walked a final 200. All told, walking & jogging, I probably covered 2.5 or so miles. No big sneeze to a normal runner, but a call for great celebration to this girl.

The good news continues (knock wood) in that I woke up this morning with no back pain. I am not counting my chickens, of course, because as soon as I say "my back feels better!", I get hit with a few days of searing pain. And even if my back is "cured", I'll be back at the pool when they re-open tomorrow morning at 6AM to keep myself on task there. (I paid $110 for 3 months of pool-ness, and I ain't wastin' it!)

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you got off on the right foot yesterday and January 1st served as an inspiring starting line for your year. I'm feeling lucky and positive. Hope you are, too!


  1. What a treat! Thank goodness that track is still red and not yet white. Must have been waiting for you to recover...