Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Running" While Pregnant: Week 22

I hope that I can remove the quotation marks from these weekly posts sometime soon. My aching sacrum has not really improved this week and I don't have another PT appointment until NEXT MONDAY(!) so there's still nothing close to running in my life.When I go in I will be having a pool session which I am SO looking forward to. If I can run in the pool then I will call it running and give myself credit. It will be a new challenge to have to get up, get in the car, put on a bathing suit and THEN get to working out. I am conditioned for stumbling out of bed, sticking contacts in my eyeballs, getting some form of workout gear on my body and running right from my doorstep.

I am trying to remember the positive aspects of the whole not running thing. So far the only really good one I can come up with is that I can take slow walks with Tommy & Elliott and count them as workouts, lame as they seem. (The weather has been decidedly fall-ish and not winter-ish... if it weren't for the 3.3 hours of daylight one would think it was mid- or late-October!) We had a beautiful 30 minute stroll on Sunday afternoon and my back hurt just enough times that I didn't get frustrated with the slow pace and frequent stops we took.

I did do 1 or 2 sessions on the elliptical machine this week but while they don't hurt during the workout, I definitely think they leave an "impression" on things the next day. I also did a couple of short yoga workouts. Like the elliptical, they don't hurt at the time but I think they cause some after effects that aren't so great. I've been doing the stretches the PT taught me like a woman possessed. I have no idea if they are helping but I'm telling myself without them I would be even worse... so I keep at it.

A more determined athlete would be doing lots of upper body strength training right now... I'm not sure if I ever was Her, but I'm definitely not now. Sometimes I just feel very, very pregnant. Funny how that can happen.

I have an appointment with my midwife on Thursday. I will be toting a 3-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 7-month-old.... So it should be a very relaxing and enjoyable visit. Riiiiiggghhhhtttt....

My 5-year-old photographer always captures me at my best...


  1. Hi Pheobe - I'm a reader from VT and would love to send you a link to two wonderful ladies here who might be able to help you really get running again....or at least find someone as amazing as they are to help you in NH. Let me know if you don't mind if I post their website or email me!

  2. Yes yes yes! Please share! I tried to email you but I'm not sure if it got to you. (I'm only one or two steps beyond Rotary Dial with technology!) It may end up that I can't use their services because of my own lack of time/resources... but it sure would be good to have some alternatives in my back pocket. Glad to be following you now, Rowgirl!

  3. Oh no, a follower! Now I'm going to have to post regularly!! :-)

    Susan and Janet - the owners of Evolution PT and Yoga (www.evolutionvt.com) are the two wonderful ladies. Through their own interests they have an amazing pre-post natal expertise both in yoga and PT. Susan had similar pain with her 2nd child too now that I think about it...

    It looks like Janet and her colleague offer a therapeutic yoga consultation...PT evaluation and a yoga series to help you. I know that Janet is steeped in science too....geek yogi?!? http://evolutionvt.com/PT/services.html

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