Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Forty-eight Years!

Sometimes my Facebook status updates garner (for me) a lot of attention. So, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, here's what I wrote today:
"Oh, what a night... Late December back in '63." Happy Anniversary to my parents, Hope B. VanScoy and Richard VanScoy. Forty-eight years, 8 kids, 20 grandchildren, 5 homes, a handful of dogs and cats and infinite broken down vehicles later.... they still dig each other. Cool.
And some photos for flavor.
This one - from a summer or 2 ago - sums them up, I think.

They were both under 30 here. I wonder if they knew they were only at the half way mark in collecting children?!
ALMOST everyone! This is a family photo from Summer 2009. We are missing Scott and my brother, Yaw, and my niece, Mia, who was yet-to-be-born. By the end of May this photo will be THREE grandchildren shy instead of just two.

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  1. What an amazing and beautiful family!